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The City dweller printed flowers

The City dweller printed flowers


It is designed to be worn at the waist, over the shoulder or across the body depending on user preference. The bag is made from a mix of embossed leather and fabrics, giving it an attractive aesthetic look.

The embossed leather part adds texture and a touch of sophistication to the object, while the regular fabric makes it comfortable to wear. All of these elements create a harmonious look.

Due to its unique appearance and style, "Le Citadin" is an exclusive item that will be worn by one person. This bag is ideal for city dwellers looking for a practical and elegant object to use in their daily life.


Approximate size: 38 cm x 13 cm 


For residents of Quebec and Ontario FREE SHIPPING on all orders. For orders elsewhere in Canada there will be a FIXED RATE of $12 however, if purchases are over $115 shipping will be free. The flat rate for delivery to the United States is $15.

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