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Fleecey sacado box

Fleecey sacado box


The fleecy sacado box is a unique piece, made from quality recycled materials. This bag is made with a Persian sheep, flamboyant red vinyl and matching fabrics, creating an original and elegant design.

The bag is padded inside to protect your belongings, and has an inside and outside pocket for convenient storage. The entire bag is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice.

By choosing this fluffy bagado box, you are helping to reduce textile waste and promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Moreover, by purchasing a unique product, you are guaranteed not to meet other people carrying the same bag. The fleecy sacado box is therefore an ideal choice for people looking to stand out in style while respecting the environment.


For residents of Quebec and Ontario FREE SHIPPING on all orders. For orders elsewhere in Canada there will be a FIXED RATE of $12 however, if purchases are over $115 shipping will be free. The flat rate for delivery to the United States is $15.

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