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I am Patricia Vandal, creator of Saccages

Inspired by my commitment to the environment, my love of photography, visual arts and crafts, I design one by one, unique and colorful bags.


Today, it is through the Saccages bags that I express my creativity and my environmental values.  

Made of different recycled textiles and sometimes transformed plastics, my bags are all different and proudly claim their differences.

This is what makes them endearing and unique.  Like all of us.


By opting for our eco-responsible bags, you are actively participating in the reduction of waste and the fight against pollution. You are also supporting a local business committed to ethical and responsible fashion. With our bags, you make a conscious choice in favor of sustainability and the preservation of our environment, while sporting a trendy and timeless style.


Join our Saccages movement by adopting our ecological bags. Let yourself be seduced by our wide range of bags, from small shoulder bags to small handbags, through our collection of messenger bags and much more. Make a difference while staying stylish with our eco-responsible bags, because respect for the environment should never compromise your style.

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