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The Sacado- Unique Edition Bags

Note that the prices of the Saccages bags may vary for the same model depending on the fabrics, materials and manufacturing techniques. All our bags are produced in Quebec, in a single edition.
You like a bag that is no longer available, if it is in store, contact them, they will send it to you.

Saccages is a Quebec-based company specializing in the artisanal production of eco-friendly bags. Each of our bags is a unique piece, ensuring absolute exclusivity. Our creations are dedicated to individuals seeking sustainable and ethical products, with a commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. Whether for your shopping or the transport of personal belongings, our bags are designed to meet all your requirements. Explore our range of bags made from polyester, velvet, faux leather, denim, and many other materials, available in a variety of colors and textures. Choosing a Saccages bag means choosing authenticity and uniqueness.

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