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The Sling - Ecoresponsible single edition

Note that the prices of the Saccages bags may vary for the same model depending on the fabrics, materials and manufacturing techniques. All our bags are produced in Quebec, in a single edition.
You like a bag that is no longer available, if it is in store, contact them, they will send it to you.

By choosing our eco-friendly bags, you actively contribute to waste reduction and the fight against pollution. You also support a local business dedicated to ethical and responsible fashion. With our bags, you make a conscious choice in favor of sustainability and the preservation of our environment while embracing a trendy and timeless style.

Join our Saccages movement by adopting our eco-friendly bags. Let yourself be charmed by our extensive range of bags, from small shoulder bags to handbags, and even our collection of messenger bags and much more. Make a difference while staying elegant with our eco-friendly bags, because environmental consciousness should never compromise your style.

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