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Surprise yourself!

Inspire us and we will make you a custom made bag, with a photo you like.

You can send us one of your photos, plastic bag or you can go to our Image Bank page and choose a photo of your choice.

You liked a bag that we made we can make a new bag with this same photo however the fabrics will be different.

All of our bags are unique like each of us!

Tell us :

• Your 3 favorite colors:

• The 3 colors you hate:

• An adjective that defines you:

• If you are discreet or rather exuberant:

• I want you to take your photo no. :


Send us 2 good resolution photos to

The personalized bag will be a little more expensive; you must add $ 25 to the cost of purchasing your surprise bag.

With the information you have given us, we will do our best to create a bag that suits your tastes.

DISCLAIMER : As we use recycled materials and do not control arrivals, the bag may differ slightly from the information you provide us.

Please note that it may take 3-6 weeks for your bag to be made.

Welcome to the zany world of Saccages, where our eco-friendly bags are born under the magical touch of Quebec craftsmanship. These bags are as unique as a Bigfoot wearing flip-flops: you won't encounter two alike, we promise!

Our creations are designed for eco-conscious folks who want to be trendy, green-at-heart fashion enthusiasts, in short, those who want to save the planet while staying stylish. Whether you're heading out on a shopping expedition or lugging around your precious loot, our bags are the MacGyvers of the leather goods world, ready for anything.

Polyester, velvet, faux leather, denim... We even tried making a pickle bag once (well, not really). In short, we have a variety of fabrics and colors to satisfy all tastes, even the ones you haven't discovered yet.

Buying a Saccages bag is a bit like buying a unicorn: it's unique, it's magical, and it's entirely out of the ordinary. So, are you ready to dive into our quirky universe?

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